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At 14 years old, Jason Bradshaw started his own telecommunications and hardware distribution business. It was there he began a lifelong passion for customer experience – even if he didn’t exactly know what it was called at the time. It didn’t matter, because this first foray into entrepreneurship gave him a taste of how to offer customers an experience, not just a product.

Since that humble start, Jason has transformed the way people interact with organisations across a litany of sectors. He is currently Chief Customer Officer at Volkswagen Group Australia.

With a deep empathy for customer needs and expectations, Jason has worked with some enduring and essential organisations – such as Telstra, Fairfax Media Limited, Target Australia and the New South Wales Government. No matter the sector, Jason has led customer and employee experiences that have defined organisations. 

The idea that underscores Jason’s work today – and at age 14 – is this: organisations have the potential to vastly improve individual lives.

Whether building on an employee’s skills, or offering customers a seamless interaction, the ability to care for your customer matters to more people than just your customer. 

In addition to his customer experience work, Jason is extremely pleased to have acted as Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee and as Board Director of Australia’s largest LGBTI health promotion and services organisation, ACON Health Limited.

Jason at 14

Unlike many 14 year olds Jason started his first business, watch the video of him being interviewed by Australia’s leading coast-to-coast weeknight a current affair show, Network Nine’s A Current Affair. Jason was also the cover article of Australian Small Business and Investing

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