Small Business Talk Podcast Interview

I had the honor of being a guest on the Small Business Talk Podcast

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Show Notes Background

At 14 years old, Jason Bradshaw started his own telecommunications and hardware distribution business. It was there he began a lifelong passion for customer experience – even if he didn’t exactly know what it was called at the time. It didn’t matter, because this first foray into entrepreneurship gave him a taste of how to offer customers an experience, not just a product. The idea that underscores Jason’s work today – and at age 14 – is this: organisations have the potential to vastly improve individual lives. Whether building on an employee’s skills, or offering customers a seamless interaction, the ability to care for your customer matters to more people than just your customer.

How Do You Outsell Your Competitors?

As a small business, chances are that you can’t compete with cheap prices the way that a big company can. But you can give them an experience that a corporate entity can’t. You can improve the service you deliver to ensure that customers will remember how they were treated with you – and if they’ve enjoyed working with you, they are likely to return. You spend a lot of time and expense on getting customers in your door, so you don’t want them to leave during their first sale with your business.

Show Them You Care

According to some experts, 68% of customers will leave because of one reason: They don’t think that you care. It’s not about doing something wrong. It’s about not doing something right. Sometimes showing a customer that you care can be as simple as delivering on the promises you make. When you market your products and/or services to the public, what are you promising them? We’ve all heard of ‘false advertising’ and no one likes to go into a business with high expectations, only to be disappointed by the lack of follow-through. Manage your customer’s expectations and you will end up with a much more successful experience for yourself, your customer and your business.

Experiences, Not Business

If you asked a person about their favourite movie, they might tell you about:


But they would not tell you about the company that made the movie, because they are focused on the experience that the company provided them with instead. It’s the experience that we remember – the employee that creates that experience as well, and what they can do for you.


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