Jason Bradshaw Explains Wow is Not About Champagne, Caviar, or Fireworks

How can you create the best experiences for your customers? Shep Hyken interviews Jason Bradshaw, the Director of Customer Experience at Volkswagen Group Australia, who believes that you become great by thinking small.

First Up:

Shep Hyken’s opening comments focus on how you should strive to be number one and deliver the best possible customer service, but your real goal should be ranked in the top tier within your industry. Even the best sports teams don’t win championships every year, but they are still considered to be elite. Do you always pursue what’s best for your customers? What do you do to drive the love of your customers? You need to be number one for whatever they need.

Featured Interview:

Shep begins his interview by asking Jason Bradshaw about his experiences as a young entrepreneur. Jason explained that he had major disadvantages. First, he was a new start up, and second, he was young – just a teen ager. How did he compensate for these supposed disadvantages? By loving his customers more than anyone else. This fueled his passion for creating the best experience for his customers. Shep and Jason discuss that by creating trust with your customers, you create loyalty And, you do that by delivering a personalized experience that is consistently above average. Jason adds that the small things matter. So, rather than focus on creating big changes you should focus on making smaller changes that are easier to implement. Small things can make a big difference.

Top Takeaways:

Your first customer is always your team. Be consistent with them. Empower them so they can achieve what they desire while delivering a consistent experience for your customers.
The key is not in being perfect; the key is to be human. When something doesn’t go perfectly, respond quickly to fix it, improve or to do what you need to do get back on track.
Wow is not about Champaign, caviar, or fireworks. Wow is about connecting with your customer and delivering just a little above their expectations – all the time.
You don’t build customer loyalty by having the cheapest product. You build loyalty by giving an experience that the customer values.
Think Small – If you don’t pay attention to the smallest details, then everything else will unravel. Your customer is looking for consistency and wants an easy experience.
Tenacity – Never give up in your pursuit of delivering the best customer experience possible, one that, at a minimum slightly exceeds your customers’ expectations.


Jason Bradshaw is the Director of Customer Experience at Volkswagen Group Australia. At just fourteen-years-old, he started his own telecommunications and hardware distribution business. This first foray into entrepreneurship gave him a taste of how to offer customers an experience, not just a product. It was there he began a lifelong passion for customer experience. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, “New York Times” best-selling author and your host of Amazing Business Radio. “If you are constantly thinking small, it gets your closer to being number one. And that makes you great.” – Jason Bradshaw Listen to this podcast at https://hyken.com/amazing-business-radio-show/amazing-business-radio-jason-bradshaw/
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