Enhance Employee Experience

Recent research by Qualtrics identified that 69% of employees believe their employers ask for feedback, but businesses only act 27% of the time on that feedback.

Jason S Bradshaw was live on

today discussing the importance of acting on employee feedback.

In the interview Jason provides three clear actions every business should take 1 – Make it easy for employees to provide feedback, ask clear questions like what 3 things do you want us to fix in the next 90 days. 2 – Start making incremental improvements on the top 3 pain points over the next 90 days. Small steps forward daily towards an improved state. 3- Communicate why you are (or are not) taking action and how that action is linked to the collective feedback. A consistent focus on delivering on your employee promise will lead to positive employee experiences, which leads to success for customers and shareholders. Watch the interview below.
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