The Product An Integral Customer Touch Point

Product experience is the overall experience a customer has when using a product. The product experience can reinforce the customer’s decision to buy and cement loyalty and advocacy, or it can create avid distractors.

Product Experience includes thoughtful design, high-quality materials, user-friendly features and more. 

Product Experience Keynotes by Jason are designed to increase your sales while building customer loyalty and advocacy. 

Customer First Product Design

 Creating a product that customers will love doesn’t have to be a guessing game. In his customer first product design keynote, Jason shares insights and steps necessary to take a customer first approach when developing and evolving products. This approach has resulted in rapid product sales growth and improved profit for the companies he’s worked with, and it can do the same for yours. Designing with the customer in mind from the outset creates a better Product Experience overall, which is essential for driving sales and keeping customers coming back for more. Investing in a customer first approach to product design is an investment in your company’s future success.

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