30% of Customers Will Leave After Just 1 Bad Experience

Jason has often heard customer experience referred to as the ‘soft stuff’ or the ‘stuff’ you focus on in the good times – however this makes no commercial or logical sense.

Research shows that 30% of customers will stop doing business with you after just 1 bad experience. Can you afford for 30% of your customers to leave this year? 

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XM Profit Model

The presentation is based on 20 years of experience, including leadership roles in 7 different industries, and blends this experience with theory and case studies to ensure that your team is engaged in the topic but also inspired and skilled to take action. Action that leads to increased profits and raving fans.

Moments Matter

In this presentation, the audience will learn the fundamentals of delivering a consistent customer experience that leads to more repeat and referral business. By deeply understanding the three key moments of every customer’s journey and how each one is critical to creating a customer for life and lifetime referrals.

Engaging Audiences Around The World

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